Pollinators are on the prowl at St Nicks

Tuesday 9th August 2016

There are a few final places left on the York Urban Buzz Pollinator Prowl being held at St Nicks on Thursday 11th August. The event, which will be attended by Rachael Maskell MP, is a celebration of the diversity, beauty, and importance of insect pollinators, which includes bees and butterflies.

Rachael Maskell MP said “I’m delighted to have an opportunity to find out more about our bees and other pollinators. One in three mouthfuls of food relies on insect pollination – they are central to our everyday lives. Many of our pollinators have been suffering from declines over the last few years so it is vitally important that we all do what we can to help them.”

Andrew Cutts, Urban Buzz project officer said “On the Pollinator Prowl we will likely see a range of butterflies, moths, bees, hoverflies, beetles and various other invertebrates amongst their natural habitats. This will be an opportunity to get up close to some of our most fascinating animals and see some species often found in York such as the Buff-tailed bumblebee Bombus terrestris and the Thick-thighed beetle Oedemera nobilis.

Jonathan Dent, St Nicks Nature Reserve Manager, said “St Nicks is delighted to be hosting this event celebrating the vital role of insect pollinators. Thanks to the help of York Urban Buzz our nature reserve is buzzing with life at the moment!”

Andrew continues “The Pollinator Prowl is part of a series of events to raise money for York Urban Buzz which is taking direct action to reverse our pollinator declines by making York parks and greenspaces more bee friendly. As well as sowing wildflower meadows, planting trees for bees and opening bee ‘hotels’, we also want to make sure that the people of York benefit by having opportunities to learn about these tiny animals which we rely on so heavily.”

To book on the course please contact Andrew Cutts on [email protected]. To donate to York Urban Buzz visit www.buglife.org.uk/donate-york