Our Team

Buglife has staff spread across the UK


Matt Shardlow

Chief Executive

Communications and Fundraising

Paul Hetherington

Director of Fundraising & Communications

Nikki Banfield

Communications Officer

Suzanne Burgess

Development Manager Scotland and Northern Ireland

Kaitlyn Elverson

Engagement Officer

Holly McCain

Development Officer England and Wales

Alison Weatherhead

Membership Development Officer

Conservation Team

Craig Macadam

Conservation Director

Conservation Operations

Andrew Whitehouse

Head of Operations

Conservation Operations - Scotland & Northern Ireland

Natalie Stevenson

Scotland and Northern Ireland Manager

Joshua Clarke

Conservation Officer (Northern Ireland)

Hannah Fullerton

Conservation Officer (Northern Ireland

Rebecca Lewis

Conservation Officer (Scotland)

Claire Pumfrey

Conservation Officer (Scotland)

Melissa Shaw

Peatland Conservation Officer (Scotland)

Conservation Operations - Cymru

Clare Dinham

Head of Cymru

Tom Bucher-Flynn

Conservation Officer (Cymru)

David Kilner

Conservation Officer (Cymru)

Emma Morgan

Conservation Officer (Cymru)

Liam Olds

Conservation Officer (Cymru)

Emily Shaw

Conservation Officer (Cymru)

Conservation Operations - England

England Manager

Hayley Herridge

Conservation Officer

Kate Jones

Conservation Officer

Laura Larkin

Conservation Officer

Scarlett Weston

Assistant Conservation Officer

Alice Parfitt

Conservation Officer

Conservation Officer

Conservation Programmes

Jamie Robins

Programmes Manager

Jo Loman

Canvey Wick Community Warden

Rachel Richards

B-Lines Officer

Tom Thomson

GIS Officer

IIA Officer

Conservation Policy

David Smith

Advocacy and Social Change Officer


Paula Smith

Head of Finance

Tracy Coull

Finance Officer

People and Culture

Kathryn Allen

Head of People and Culture


Beata Rajchel

Administration Manager

Jenny Davies

Supporter Relations Administrator

Interns, Volunteers and Trainees

Alan Stubbs

Vice President & Volunteer

PHD Students

Stephanie Skipp

(University of East London) – studying invertebrates of veteran tree

Matthew Wainhouse

(University of Cardiff) – studying fungal ecology in veteran trees

Rose Perkins

(University of Sussex) – studying the environmental fate and impact of fipronil and imidacloprid used in pet flea treatments

Helen Davison

(University of Liverpool) – studying the microbial symbionts of freshwater insects

Matteo Redana

(University of Aberdeen) – studying the thermal impact of dams on freshwater invertebrates