Funding Boost for Buglife

Monday 18th November 2013

Buglife is today celebrating the news that it has received a £66,455.00 funding boost from SITA Trust for their project "Living Roofs for Camden's Wildlife".

The ‘Living Roofs for Camden’s Wildlife’ project will transform 600m² of unused roof space at Denton Estate into wildlife-rich brownfield habitat by installing two biodiverse living roofs. Each 300m² roof will support key features of brownfield sites, including wildflower meadows, bare ground, varied topography, low nutrient free-draining substrate, log piles and habitat walls (including a community designed wall). Utilising unused space the roofs will link existing fragmented brownfield habitat in Camden and support threatened brownfield species. Additional outputs include: a workshop for planners/developers/consultants in Camden to promote green roofs and best practice; a specialist to survey invertebrates on the roofs evaluating their success; and the installation of an interpretation board at ground level to engage members of the local community.

Clare Dinham of Buglife who is leading the project said “The unique habitats created on the roof tops of the Denton Estate will provide food and shelter for a range of important pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies, hoverflies and moths. We will also work with the local community to build a habitat wall within the grounds of the estate, which residents can monitor. We hope that this exciting project will demonstrate the amazing wildlife that can be found in urban areas and the important role that biodiverse living roofs can play.”

Mark Gordon CEO and Chairman of SITA Trust added “We are delighted to have been able to support this project through the Landfill Communities Fund. This important source of funding has been available since 1997 and has provided such worthy projects with more than £1.2 billion.”

SITA Trust provides funding through the Landfill Communities Fund. Funding is available for projects that enhance communities and enrich nature.

Notes to the editor

For information on how to apply for funding from SITA Trust call (01454) 262910 or visit

SITA Trust

SITA Trust is an independent funding body set up in 1997 to provide funding through the Landfill Communities Fund. To date SITA Trust has supported more than 3,500 projects to a combined value of over £99 million.

Enhancing Communities – SITA Trust funding enhances communities in England, Scotland and Wales by supporting community driven projects to improve vital public recreation facilities such as village halls, community centres, sport, heritage, green spaces and play areas.

Enriching Nature – SITA Trust funding enriches nature by supporting biodiversity conservation projects in England and Wales

Landfill Tax and the Landfill Communities Fund
SITA Trust receives its funding through HM Government’s Landfill Communities Fund. Funding is donated by SITA UK, one of the nation’s leading recycling and resource management companies.

Any rubbish that is thrown away and cannot be reused ends up in a landfill site. Operators of landfill sites collect tax on each tonne of landfill for HM Treasury. The purpose of this tax is to make it more expensive to put waste into landfill, in turn encouraging us to reduce our waste and recycle more.

A small proportion of this tax can be used to support a wide range of environmental projects near landfill sites, through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). Through the LCF over £1 billion has been invested in UK projects. SITA Trust  is part of the LCF, which  is regulated on behalf of HM Government’s Revenue & Customs by ENTRUST. For further information, please visit