Charity launches Crowdfunder appeal to give Plymouth a Buzz

Wednesday 16th November 2016

A Crowdfunding appeal has been launched by Buglife to plant wildflower meadows across Plymouth to help our beleaguered bees and other pollinating insects.

Following on from the success of last summer’s wildflower displays, the charity has plans to create more patches of wildflower colour in partnership with Plymouth City Council.  New pollinator hotspots are planned for Crownhill, Devonport, Plympton, Southway, Stonehouse and other locations around the City.

Plymouth Urban Buzz Officer Laura Larkin said “Some amazing local volunteers have helped us have an enormous impact on our City. The flowers they have planted have not only brightened up many of the roundabouts and road verges and improved a lot of your commutes and shopping trips, but they’ve also been helping the local pollinator population.”

To donate visit the Crowdfunder website.

Laura added, “As an extra incentive, if you donate more than £10 you get a chance to win a Buglife bee hotel to help pollinators in your back garden.  Please support our project and give Plymouth a buzz!”