Bug Champions the search begins

Monday 10th April 2017

Buglife is launching a new volunteer pilot scheme Bug Champions. This project is a pilot created to engage the people of Cambridgeshire with the invertebrates around them. This ambitious new program of talks and events will involve local people from Cambridge to Peterborough to champion the invertebrates that their area has to offer.


With many events already planned with schools, local days and festivals, Bug champions will be inspiring people to become more bug friendly in their community. This pilot project will run throughout the summer of 2017, the hope it will become a permeant fixture as well as to roll out to other counties.


The first phase of this project will see Buglife inspiring local people to become a champion themselves, with training days and outreach for champions organised throughout the summer. We hope to encourage people with a passion for wildlife looking for a new and exciting opportunity to represent their local area and champion the little things that run the world to get in touch. It is hoped that by having local people champion these animals we can make a real difference in their community. With champions for local areas Buglife will be able to engage more with people helping to save invertebrates and local wildlife by supporting people make small changes to their lives, with evens such as how to build bug houses, deadwood habitats and gardening tips for invertebrates.


Bug Champions will work with interested parties, organisations, landowners and volunteers; any organisation or individual who wishes to be involved is invited to contact Imogen Burt on [email protected]