The bee’s knees of insect homes

Tuesday 31st March 2015

Invertebrate conservation experts Buglife have teamed up with garden products supplier Greenkey Garden & Home Ltd to develop a whole new range of bug homes for gardens, patios or even balconies. These new homes have been carefully crafted to work for UK invertebrates providing homes and shelter for most of our best loved bugs and a real boon for gardeners.

The mesh covering the homes for ladybirds to over winter has been chosen to deter harlequin ladybirds, the solitary bee nesting tubes have been carefully chosen to ensure that they are of a suitable width and length to be effective and of course the whole structure is made from FSC accredited sources.

The exciting range of bug homes is designed to provide accommodation for solitary bees, moths, butterflies, ladybirds and lacewings all hugely beneficial in the garden although it is expected that many others will also benefit. The homes are supported by a wealth of information on how to situate and care for them on the Buglife website and the packaging, as well as the opportunity to log on-line where you install bug homes.

Paul Hetherington, Director of Communications at Buglife commented. “Working with Greenkey on developing these homes has been a real pleasure as at last we are convinced there is a product on the market that is effective for bugs as well as looking good. I would urge people to consider installing at least one bug home on their property and also look to provide some year round flowering resource wherever possible.”

Emma Parkes of Greenkey added. “Garden Centres tell us that they are seeing increased interest from their customers in encouraging beneficial insects into their gardens. We are proud to have worked with Buglife to create this range, and look forward to supporting their valuable work in the future.”

Information on the new bug homes is available here and they can be purchased in garden centres throughout the UK, with Buglife benefitting from a percentage of sales.