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"York Urban Buzz is an amazing project that really needs your support. What could be better than making our parks and gardens great for us and at the same time providing food for our buzzing buddies? We need to look after these little guys as our world would be very different without them." Steve Backshall

Donate online or text 'Buzz14 £10, £20 or £30' to 70070


We urgently need your help to raise £5,000 to create 100 bee friendly parks across York. We will sow new wildflower meadows, plant trees for bees and build new nesting places in areas such as Rowntree Park, York City Walls and Foss Islands.


Why? Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are having a really tough time and many are declining. Human activity has led to the loss of their homes and food. They cannot survive without these. Luckily city green space can help fill this gap. With so many parks York is ideally suited to offer a helping hand to bees and butterflies. With your help we will give York parks a 'bee makeover'.

We have built a bee bank at Rawcliffe Meadows, planted spring bulbs in York's Museum Gardens and sown wildflowers at Millennium Bridge. This is just the start, we have plans for sites right accross York, all in parks and gardens that you can visit and enjoy too.


How does this help us? Put simply, we need bees and pollinators to survive. They feed us, our wildlife and our economy. Without them our countryside would be dull, our food boring and our country poorer. And not only will York parks be havens for wildlife they will be colourful and inspiring places for us to enjoy.

All funds raised will help us create new homes for bees in York. York Urban Buzz has been generously funded by BiffaAward and City of York Council but we still have a shortfall of £15,000. We hope to raise £10,000 through other sources and we hope you can help with the remaining £5,000.  

As a thank you for donating we have something for you:

£25 - we'll send you a Shrill carder bee pin badge and put a thank you on our project webpage
£50 - a free one year household membership for Buglife
£100 - create a personalised planting area within one of York's buzzing hot spots
£250 - a place on a day out with a bug expert
£500 - All of the above plus your own complimentary Buglife life membership

*Rewards are cumulative


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