Help Urban Buzz this summer by taking on a challenge!

Wednesday 27th July 2016

Glen Gardens is awash with colour with its new wildflower meadow exploding with colour and buzzing with life. Part of York Urban Buzz, the Mosaic Garden at Glen Garden is one of the first of 100 sites across York to receive a ‘bee makeover’ to enable York parks to provide more homes for bees.

The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Dave Taylor, said, “Dropping numbers of bees across Europe and America has alarmed many of us and I’ve been aware of the problem for around ten years. As Councillors in Fishergate, Andy D’Agorne and I have supported the creation of a wildflower meadow near Millennium Bridge and I’m delighted that new bee hives have been set up by the Council and by companies such as Hiscox.  I hope people will really get behind Urban Buzz and help to save our pollinators.”

Alice Farr said, “We are really pleased with the results at Glen Gardens, it’s really is a stunning array of flowers. The meadow adds a real vibrancy to the gardens providing colour and lifting human spirits. Crucially it provides the all important food sources of pollen and nectar for a range of insect pollinators.”

Whilst flowers at Glen Garden are going strong the project still urgently needs to raise £5,000 to ensure that its ambitious target of 100 sites across York can be met. The project is encouraging people to donate online and undertake sponsored challenges or events over the summer and donate the funds to the project. 

Alice continued, “We’ve lots planned over the next 12 months and there are lots of opportunities to get involved. We still need to raise £5,000 to ensure that we can meet our 100 sites target. York Urban Buzz is putting a call to anyone that fancies a challenge this summer to request sponsorship and raise money for York Urban Buzz. It might be a long distance bike ride, the York Marathon or a parachute jump. By doing this you could help raise some money to gives bees a better home!”

Working in partnership with City of York Council, York Urban Buzz is making York’s parks better for bees by planting wildflowers, planting trees for bees, opening ‘bee hotels’ and much more. The brilliant thing about this is that by making our parks better for bees we will have stunning and inspiring parks for us to enjoy. 

So if you want to get involved with the project or need a good excuse to embark on that long distance bike ride, run the York Marathon or even a parachute jump please contact Alice Farr by emailing [email protected]  or to donate visit

Thanks to Get Cycling CIC for the loan of the tandem and Dress Circle of York for the costumes.