Bee Wall – protecting our pollinators

Monday 13th April 2015

Living Wall provider Scotscape are teaming up with conservation charity Buglife to test out the best planting schemes to create living walls with a pollinator plus effect.

Throughout the 2015 growing season a test wall at Scotscapes’s Surrey headquarters will be trialling a selection of plants recommended as good for pollinators alongside a range of Buglife approved bug homes.

It is hoped that after analysing the results, these trials will provide knowledge as to the best plants and homes for bugs to grow in these vertical gardens. Leading to a best practice for nature guide to living walls and an off the shelf living wall for biodiversity for future installations.

Paul Hetherington, Director of Communications at Buglife said. “We are very grateful to Scotscape for giving up the space, materials and time to work with us on creating the best living wall for biodiversity. Living walls have many benefits including insulation, regulation of ambient temperature and air purification but our hope is to also give them a positive biodiversity value. Pollination contributes over half a billion pounds per annum to the UK economy it is essential we do all we can to help these precious bugs flourish.”

Angus Cunningham of Scotscape commented  “It is a pleasure to be supporting Buglife in their mission to develop the optimum living wall planting scheme to support pollination, we look forward to seeing the results of this trial and continuing with our research and development programme”.