Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

Bug Photography Awards 2020

We’ve partnered with Photocrowd to launch the inaugural year of the Luminar Bug Photography Awards – showcasing the best invertebrates photography from around the world, and raising vital funds for Buglife. £23,000...

Saturday 1st August, 2020

Bugs Beauty and Danger

Eight international artists are showing work in Bugs: Beauty and Danger, about bees, beetles, butterflies, moths, locusts, through drawings, paintings, etchings, film, installation

Monday 10th August, 2020

PotWatch: Finding Non-Native Land Flatworms

Non-native land flatworms have been accidentally introduced to the UK in imported pot plants and newly arrived species continue to be discovered. This talk will explore the origins of non-native...

Thursday 13th August, 2020

Online Workshop: An introduction to beetles

A FREE workshop on an introduction to Scottish beetles. Beetles are fascinating insects- they are the largest of all groups in the world making up ~40% of globally described insects!...