Dobbies do it for the bees

Friday 16th May 2014

Local wildlife charity Buglife, with help from Dobbies Garden Centre, Peterborough, have created pollinator friendly areas in their office grounds, to showcase the simple garden improvements that people can make to help our declining wild pollinators.

Invertebrates are so wonderfully diverse, and live in so many different places, that it’s not a case of one size fits all. Buglife are hoping to demonstrate the many different types of habitats that people can create in their gardens to benefit bugs; everything from wildflower areas to garden plants and log piles to ponds.      

Bees and other wild pollinators are wonderfully useful; they bumble around pollinating strawberries, pears, and our other favourites. Our pollinators are amazingly diverse, behave in all kinds of different and interesting ways and are beautiful in their own right. They are essential for a healthy ecosystem and deserve our help.

With help from Dobbies in Peterborough, Buglife has created a beautiful pollinator friendly area in the garden around their offices on Ham Lane.  Dobbies kindly donated plants through its Here We Grow project, a nationwide campaign which helps local communities develop green space in their area.

Barry Jaycock, Head of Facilities at Buglife commented: “ The kind donation from Dobbies has enabled us to plant up a large swathe of the garden with flowers that will sustain bees, butterflies and other key pollinator species. Buglife looks forward to the local community reaping the benefits of the enhanced bug havens as they enjoy the parkland around Ferry Meadows.”

Kim Able, community champion, Dobbies, Peterborough, said: “We were delighted to support Buglife through our Here We Grow campaign and help them continue with their conservation efforts in the local community.”