Online auction site allowing sale of illegal toxic pesticides

Friday 7th March 2014

Buglife have launched a petition on the 38 Degrees “Campaigns By You” website asking eBay to remove products containing a recently banned toxic chemical from their website. Imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid insecticide, was banned in December 2013 along with two other chemicals Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin after being found to have harmful effects on wildlife.

Vanessa Amaral-Rogers, Buglife’s Campaigns Officer said “Whilst many retailers had voluntarily taken these products off the shelves before the European wide ban came into effect, eBay is still allowing traders to sell these products, shipping them from the States where they have not yet been banned. Some of these products have never been approved in the UK”.

Neonicotinoids are related to Nicotine and target the nervous system. They were restricted on certain crops last year after even small doses were found to have harmful effects on pollinating insects such as making a honeybee not able to forage for food properly, or bumblebees laying fewer eggs. The sale of these products contradicts eBay rules but there are no safeguards to prevent the listings from being created.

Robin Priestley, Campaign Manager at 38 Degrees said “Over a quarter of a million 38 Degrees members signed a petition last year demanding our Environment minister ban these dangerous chemicals.  They are now banned across Europe, so it’s time for eBay to clamp down on these rogue sellers and ensure that our wildlife is protected.”

Sign the petition to stop ebay selling toxic pesticides.