Ancient Tree Hub

View inside hollow section of fallen oak tree (c) Alex Hyde

The Ancients of the Future project was part of the Back from the Brink programme, an ambitious nationwide partnership to save threatened species from extinction and put them back on the road to recovery. Led by Buglife, in partnership with Plantlife and the Bat Conservation Trust, the Ancients of the Future worked with landowners and managers in England to secure vital continuity for 28 threatened species in some of our most iconic landscapes. These included the Violet Click Beetle, Royal Splinter Cranefly, Eagle’s-claw Lichen, Coral-tooth Fungi, Knothole Moss and the Noctule Bat.

The project helped to improve the resilience of ancient trees at key national sites and help to future proof them for threatened species, improving habitat condition and supporting continuity of this special habitat into the future. The Ancients of the Future also produced innovative training and guiding workshops and materials to influence how sites are managed beyond the life of the project and raise awareness of the crucial need for manager specifically for species. We also wanted to change public attitudes to ancient trees and decay-loving creatures and fungi.

This ancient tree hub is home for resources such as our cross-taxa project outputs, case studies, and ‘How to videos’ – all of which will help to ensure that the lessons learnt from the Ancients project continue to reach new audiences.

1. This is why trees are amazing! Ancients of the Future

2. How to: Habitat management guide to trees and wood pasture

3. How to: Habitat management guide to invertebrates#

4. How to: Habitat management guide to lichen

5. How to: Habitat management guide to fungi

6. How to: Habitat management guide to bats

7. Surveying for saproxylic invertebrates

8. Best practice approach workshop: Intro

9. Best practice approach workshop: Trees and fungi

10. Best practice approach workshop: lichens

11. Best practice approach workshop: invertebrates

12. Best practice approach workshop: bats

13. Case study: Moccas Park

14. Case study: Savernake Forest

15. Back from the Brink Innovations Conference: Integrated approaches to cross taxa management

16. Back from the Brink Innovations Conference: Species recovery in ancient tree habitats

17. Back from the Brink Innovations Conference: Innovation


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