Jimmy’s Big Bee Rescue

Saturday 29th August 2020

TV presenter Jimmy Doherty has been working with Buglife and community groups across Peterborough for a year as he bids to raise the profile of bees and encourage everyone to do their bit to help increase their population. The result of this work will be seen in two one hour Channel 4 TV documentaries Saturday 29 August and Saturday 5 September at 20.00.

During the series, Jimmy explains why bees are so important to our eco-system, and what can be done to protect them – speaking to businesses, but also explaining what can be done in residents’ gardens at home.

“It’s vitally important that we all look to do our bit to help boost pollinator numbers across the UK. Over 3 million hectares of wildflower-rich grassland has been lost in England alone over the last 70 years, an area roughly one and a half times the size of Wales, leading to widespread decline in bees, moths, and insects. Whatever the size of green space you look after, even if it is just one plant pot, by choosing pollinator friendly plants you can do your bit to boost the chances for our bees. Buglife are close to completing the mapping of B-Lines across the UK a network that will enable pollinators to once more circulate around the country, if you are on a B-Line it is even more important that you take action to help our pollinators.” Jamie Robins, Buglife’s B-Lines lead commented.