Corporate Partnerships - Our Corporate Investors in Nature Programme

Our partners appreciate the opportunity to align their brand with the leading invertebrate conservation organisation in Europe, seeing the importance of the work we do to safeguard the small things that run the planet.

We have many years of experience of developing high-value, high-profile corporate-charity partnerships and we are well placed to develop a partnership tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

How we work

There are many motivations for going into a partnership with a charity, so we take a consultative approach to the development of corporate relationships – we discuss with you your picture of the ideal partnership, what you want to get from it and we identify how we can best fulfil those needs.

Whether your motivation is to create a cause related marketing campaign, grow sales, staff or customer engagement, PR, or if seeking to re-enforce your sustainability credentials – Buglife can work with you to address your requirements.

Benefits of working with Buglife

There are multiple benefits of becoming a Buglife Corporate Investor in Nature:

  • Build your brand profile by supporting our conservation work
  • Use of the Buglife logo as part of your marketing and PR campaigns
  • Achieve sustainability goals by engaging with the valuable work which Buglife undertakes
  • Align your company with a UK nature conservation charity of international renown
  • Build connections to landscape scale conservation projects visibly changing the countryside
  • Create national and local PR coverage recognising your support for Buglife
  • Access to our experts for advice on aspects of sustainability work within your business.

For more information on becoming a Corporate Investor in Nature, please contact Paul Hetherington

Buglife is registered with the Payroll Giving Agency, Giveall

Giveall is an HMRC approved Payroll Giving platform and pass on 100% of ever donor’s payroll giving donation to us no later than two working days from the date they receive the funds from a donor’s employer. Payroll Giving is a valuable source of income for us here at the charity and receiving the funds on a Giveall scheme means we don’t lose out on commissions and unnecessary fees. Payroll Giving allows a donor to make a tax-free donation to a charity, therefore there is an upfront benefit to every donor to support us in this way. For example, if you are a 20% tax-payer and set up a donation of £10 to the centre from your monthly salary, it is taken from your gross salary meaning that you only drop by £8 in your net salary but the centre will receive £10. Not only that, in these days where regular funds are vital to help us continue the work we do here at the charity, we can have access to the funds quickly.

If you are a business owner or part of an HR team and don’t know much about Payroll Giving but would like to add this to your employee benefits package, we can arrange for Giveall to call you and help you set up a scheme and share ideas on how to promote it to your employees. Many employers are now adding payroll giving to their existing benefits package as it demonstrates their CSR commitment to support good causes.

Please CLICK HERE to complete the enquiry form and Give All will be in touch.

Emperor Corporate Investor in Nature

The Emperor is the top tier of support for Buglife starting from £50,000 per annum and including both keynote event speakers and bespoke staff conservation activities and bespoke advice from our dedicated conservationists.

Emperor Dragonfly

Charles Russell Speechlys Foundation

Queen Corporate Investor in Nature

The second tier of corporate support comes with a commitment of £10,000 plus per annum and the additional benefit of some dedicated advice from Buglife and the option of a keynote speaker at events or a bespoke staff engagement conservation activity.

Queen Brown-banded Carder Bee


Arval are devoting a year of staff fundraising to Buglife alongside some central top up.


House builders with a biodiversity strategy and desire to build well for bugs


The UK’s leading flyscreen provider, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of insects in the ecosystem. We intend to make flyscreens a standard item in the UK by promoting the benefits of keeping our insect friends outside, increasing our comfort and preventing them from dying in our homes.

Network Rail

Dedicated team working on projects to assist the development of Buglife objectives this has included: B-Lines and light pollution.

Sophie Allport

Supporting different charities has always been a part of our Sophie Allport story, and we are so pleased to be able to work alongside these incredible charities. Each means so much to us in different ways. Raising funds to help these causes is so vital and key so they can continue to focus on their work in making our world a better place.

Taylor Wimpey

Leading home builder Taylor Wimpey is proud to be working with Buglife to improve habitat for pollinating insects on its new housing developments. Taylor Wimpey will be supporting the expansion of the B-Lines project at its new communities across the UK.


Hospitality experts, running some of the UK’s most-loved brands and operating over 880 hotels across the UK and Germany as well as some of the UK’s favourite restaurant chains.

Admiral Corporate Investor in Nature

The third tier of corporate support comes with a commitment to £5,000 plus per annum donation. Additional benefits for Admirals include a national press release on starting a partnership and opportunity for staff discounts to become individual members of Buglife a great staff incentive and of course a way to involve the workforce in the business charity commitment.

Red Admiral Butterfly

Boston Seeds

Boston Seeds donate a generous percentage of sales generated through Buglife back to the charity as well as being one of Buglife’s main sources of wildflower seeds.

Russell & Atwell

Fresh chilled chocolates made with organic double cream instead of palm oil for better taste and texture. Every pack sold helps to grow Buglife’s B-Lines.


Trekmates outdoor clothing are sponsoring Buglife work and providing great outdoor kit for our staff

General Corporate Investor in Nature

Generals commit to a minimum of £2,500 per annum in donations with the additional benefit of a staff engagement pack a great way to grow a lasting relationship with Buglife.

Clubbed General Fly


Generous donation and cooperation to improved manage areas for pollinators and promote the B-Lines.

PR Gloo

PRgloo are a Media Relations platform who have generously given Buglife free usage of their media contact management system.

The Wooden Chopping Board Company

Our aim is to bring you buy ‘once products’ that last a lifetime and have the least impact possible on the planet. We spend time and effort buying the most sustainable timber. All of our packaging is either recycled, recyclable or both, and is completely plastic free. Our workshop is powered by renewable electricity. We respect our natural environment by minimising waste wherever we can, and planting a tree for every board purchased.10% of the purchase price of all Pollinator boards will be donated to Buglife

Bombardier Corporate Investor in Nature

Bombardiers commit to £1,000 plus annual donations to Buglife with the extra benefit of a local press release about the partnership. This is a great place for a larger business thinking about creating a longer-term relationship with Buglife to start.

Streaked Bombardier Beetles


Bauder are working with Buglife developing a series of off the shelf living roofs for different invertebrates

Higher Pendeen Camping

Higher Pendeen is a rustic, family-run, friendly, off-grid and ecologically considerate back to basics camping site, built on our sustainable farming ethos, with a small but perfectly formed selection of furnished, canvas bell tents and limited open pitches. On the North Cornwall coast and the Cornwall B-Line. 5% from every booking goes to support the work of Buglife.

Hogan's Cider

Allen Hogan started making cider when he moved to Warwickshire and became involved with an eco warrior with a supply of cider apple trees and a water wheel driven press. Allen enjoyed this bucolic pursuit so much that twenty years later, he formed Hogan’s Cider and started to sell his cider commercially. Our essential raw material for making cider are local cider apples. The existence of our business is predicated on the work of insect pollinators who ensure the continuation and success of the yearly apple crop. We think of sunshine and rain as being necessary but insect pollination underpins the whole process.
We believe the work of Buglife in protecting insects is vital to maintaining the health of our ecosystems and life on our planet, so we have decided to support them.


Jub have developed a special Buglife flowering mix of bulbs with an extended season for pollinators

Lightrock Power

Lightrock Power was set up by Chris and Ben in 2017 and was born out of frustration with what they saw as missed opportunities to implement additional benefits that can come with solar projects. Lightrock develops sites in partnership with the RSPB and seeks input from many other environmental experts to bring renewable energy and wildlife together. Lightrock also works with local groups and organisations to ensure that the human communities that host their developments can also benefit from the impact of their projects. Lightrock Power ensures that Environment, Ecology and Education is at the heart of everything they do.

Scotia Seeds

Seed provider of choice for Buglife Scotland

CJ Wildlife

CJ Wildlife is one of the UKs leading specialist suppliers of wildlife products with a range of food, habitats and care products. Based on the same farm in rural Shropshire where it all started 30 years ago, our dedicated team work alongside ornithologists and wildlife experts to research and develop products which can help our customers care for more wildlife in their garden. Our mission is to make a significant, recognisable contribution to wildlife research and conservation efforts and we are proud to work with more than 20 conservation charities and wildlife organisations across Europe to support the vital work and research they carry out to protect our natural world for future generations.

Slug Disco Studios

Slug Disco Studios is a game development company, best known for the creation of Empires of the Undergrowth, an immersive real-time strategy game that brings the world of ants to life. Through intricate nest building, strategic warfare, and pheromone-based tactics, we aim to inspire appreciation for the intricate workings of the insect world.

Orange-legged Furrow Bee (male and female) © Hannah Fullerton

Wildflower Favours

Wildflower Favours have developed a Buglife range which generates money for Buglife.

Soldier Corporate Investor in Nature

This is the starter level for showing corporate support for Buglife and needs a commitment to strive for a donation of £250 plus per annum. This is ideal for small and start-up business with an aspiration to grow with Buglife. Soldiers are entitled to a Buglife website link and negotiated use of the Buglife logo.

Common Soldier Beetle (Rhagonycha fulva) © Hayley Wiswell Common Soldier Beetle (Rhagonycha fulva) © Hayley Wiswell

Ground Control

Ground Control Ltd is the UK’s largest landscape and maintenance contractor. We create, maintain and sustain beautiful external environments for people and wildlife to safely enjoy. Our services include grounds maintenance, winter maintenance, vegetation and tree management, and soft and hard landscape construction. Our purpose is ‘Caring for our Environment.’ We invest 5% of our post-tax profits annually into our “Evergreen Fund”. The Fund invests in sustainable projects such as replacement tree planting, rewilding, and biodiversity enhancement.  We reduce the impact of human habitation on the environment, whilst enhancing human experience by advocating environmental best practices in everything we do.

Hitchin Honey Spirits

The Cardona & Son Spirit Co. are a family of beekeepers who are passionate about the survival of British pollinators and are dedicated to sustaining thriving habitats to ensure their survival – Our mission is to create delicious spirits using our own pure honey, locally sourced ingredients, and a whole lot of love. For every bottle of spirits sold, we plant one square metre of wildflowers as part of our partnership with UK charity BugLife. Help us save British pollinators, one cocktail at a time!


Jessica Taylor aka Loadofolbobbins, is a textile artist and illustrator who lives by the sea in Portsmouth. She makes bright, bold and fun sustainable statement jewellery inspired by nature, books and coosplaying pigeons. Her latest collection, ‘Ivy League’, celebrates the glorious and underrated ivy and the incredible wildlife it helps sustain. 10% from each item of the collection sold will be donated to Buglife

Making Meadows Image - Corporate Supporter

Making Meadows

Making Meadows was founded back in 2019 by Samantha Marando. Over the years the company has grown from a small selection of greeting cards to a large collection of stationery, gifts & most importantly writing paper. Our aim is to create beautiful, high quality products that make you smile & are also eco friendly to the world. Often focusing on florals & animals but not restricted to them, each product starts with a painting. This gives our products a unique and premium look that customers love.


Papillons is a sustainable clothing brand, established in Rushden, Northamptonshire by Niamh Bayes. I was becoming more and more aware of the damage that we as a species are doing to our planet and the impact that damage has on our wildlife, I also noticed that while there are many eco-friendly ways to shop now, there is a lack of sustainable clothing brands. And so, I thought why not get my creative head on and merge the two! So here we have Papillons, clothing made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled polyester and delivered in biodegradable packaging! I was adamant that Papillons still needed to do more to have a positive impact on our wildlife as all animals play an important role in keeping our eco system alive. I have teamed up with charities such as Buglife and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, so that for each item of clothing sold, 10% of the sale will go to supporting those charities! As a very new brand, I am still bursting with new ideas for designs so come and say Hello on the Papillons instagram page where you can see the newest pieces, some behind the scenes, and feel free to tag papillons when you’re styling! I have had so much fun creating these designs and I hope you have fun wearing them.”


Pinpillia creates vibrant wooden pins in the shape of insects to promote their importance and celebrate their unique beauty.  A perfect small gift for any wildlife enthusiast, the pins are made here in the United Kingdom using responsibly sourced wood. They come with a card backer that offers fun facts about the insect you have selected. 10% of the profits are donated to Buglife to help with conservation efforts.

The Good Flower Company

A Devon based company supporting bugs, bees & other invertebrates with my flower business

The Honey Project

We’re next generation, conservationist honeylovers, ready to do as much good as possible. For every jar you buy we plant 100 wildflowers on Great British B – Lines with BugLife. Inspiring people to fall back in love with nature, rewild Britain and ensure the survival of bees, insects and wildlife using honey as a vehicle for change.
Rewilding British, jar by delicious jar.


Urbee is a little urban bee with a vision to help and support the plight of bees and other pollinating insects. We aim to raise awareness by selling lovely products for people, homes & gardens. We will donate 10% of profits to Buglife which will help with their pollinator campaigns.

Valley Provincial

Valley Provincial provide first-class commercial landscaping services in London to some of the country’s leading companies.

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