Steve Backshall answers your bug questions

Wednesday 17th December 2014

Last night Steve Backshall did a live Q & A on Twitter for Buglife. In just one hour Steve replied to over 70 of your bug and wildlife questions! You put him through his paces asking him everything from what his favourite bug? how to help pollinators? to his scariest wildlife encounter? 

Here are a few of the questions….

Alice asked 'what extinct bug species would you like to see?' 

'Eurypterids, they were giant marine scorpions that could be as big as a man!'


Mags asked 'what bug would be the best contender in strictly?

'I'd go for the peacock spider check them out on YouTube their flamboyant dancing shames @FrankieTheSats' 


Ellisa age 9 asked 'what bug has the shortest life?

“As an adult, mayflies usually live no more than a few hours, just enough to find a mate”

A huge thank you to Steve for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer all your questions and to all our twitter followers who tuned in to #AskBackshall their wonderful questions.