How to make your business buzz!

Friday 22nd May 2015

Buglife have teamed up with Anglian Water to produce an exciting pack to inspire businesses across the country to create their own habitat for bugs. The ‘Buzzing Business Pack’ contains all the information businesses need to help convert even the smallest patches of land into a paradise for our pollinating bees, butterflies and beetles!

Our bugs need help, with half of the UK’s bumblebees in decline, two-thirds of our moths and over 70% of our butterflies. Turning unused areas of grass or pavement into a bug haven will mean your business is doing its bit to help our amazing wildlife. Buglife and Anglian Water want local businesses to hang flower-filled baskets, plant containers of wildflowers or create meadows.

It’s a great opportunity for workplaces to work together and create something amazing, whether it’s to attract customers or just give everyone somewhere to sit in the sun. There’s room for fun as well- why not plant a mini orchard and then take it in turn to bring in home baked treats using your work’s crop?

Jamie Robins, Buglife Conservation Officer said “Our work with Anglian Water will give businesses a helping hand to make their workplace a more vibrant, wildlife-friendly place to be. It doesn’t take a lot of work to create opportunities for our pollinators and it can be great fun to start having volunteer staff teams sharing a flower-filled garden”

Chris Gerrard, Head of Biodiversity at Anglian Water, said: “This pack is a fantastic resource for any business wanting to do their bit for local wildlife.

“We had a great time planting nectar rich plants at our offices in Huntingdon and then seeing the bees and butterflies move in. As a company we believe it is vital to improve the environment around us so we were really pleased to get behind this project and inspire other businesses to do the same.

“Let’s hope it creates a real buzz!”