Buglife Scotland launches Guardians of our Rivers

Monday 24th October 2022

“Guardians of our Rivers” a new Buglife Scotland project, focussing on connecting communities through rivers, is set to launch a free citizen science programme for communities across Scotland.

With a focus on training local communities to recognise and understand the important invertebrates found in Scottish rivers, through tried and tested survey and monitoring techniques.  Buglife and partners, including the Riverfly Partnership, are confident that Citizen Scientists will discover more about the health of Scotland’s rivers; providing an early warning system that will highlight water quality issues.

Rebecca Lewis, Guardians of our Rivers Project Officer said, “Freshwater invertebrates play a vital role as canaries of our rivers, but they are often overlooked. This new project will bring them into the spotlight, allowing local people to learn about them and use them to assess the health of their local river.”

Natalie Stevenson, Buglife Scotland Manager, continued, “We are delighted to be able to launch this project and support local communities to look after their rivers, at a time where nature, climate and pollution are all so critical

Trine Bregstein, Riverfly Partnership Coordinator added, “The Guardians of our Rivers project is exactly what we need currently; a way for people to engage with their natural surroundings, become custodians of their rivers, connect with each other and feel empowered to enact positive change. The Riverfly Partnership warmly welcomes this project and the expansion all over Scotland and will support Rebecca in her efforts, her enthusiasm for this project will surely make it a great success!

“Guardians of our Rivers” offers an exciting opportunity to learn more about the rivers that link Scottish communities.  Providing many benefits, not just for the health and well-being of these precious ecosystems, but as an opportunity to explore the natural world, exercise, learn something new and meet new people.  Everything required to become a local River Guardian will be provided, along with a package of support to help your group become confident and sustainable.

Buglife would like to hear from schools, organisations, groups or individuals of all abilities and backgrounds who would like to get involved. Please contact [email protected] to find out more.