Glow-worm beer supports insect charity

Wednesday 29th July 2015

From the Notebook and Buglife have got together to produce a great tasting beer. Glow-worm light ale is vegan and 100% organic, brewed by the Stroud Brewery in Gloucestershire with Soil Association accreditation and no real glow worms. The glow is added by the addition of a dash of chilli-pepper for a unique non-spicy afterglow to create a truly refreshing beer.

Each bottle of the delightful light premium beer will raise money for the charity as well as quenching the palate.  Glow-worm can be purchased from a number of retail outlets including on-line orders from the Notebook .

Paul Hetherington, Director of Communications at Buglife commented. “Real ale supporting bugs just conjures up a picture of heady summer evenings in the countryside to a soundtrack of crickets and the glow of glow-worms – a perfect combination. And the beer does not disappoint, whether accompanying a barbeque, picnic or a night in front of the TV.”