A new champion for the White-clawed crayfish

Monday 11th June 2018

MP for Darlington, Jenny Chapman, is championing one of the UK’s most threatened species – the White-clawed crayfish. 

Numbers of White-clawed crayfish in England and Wales have plummeted since the 1970s due to declining water quality in our rivers and streams, and the spread of invasive non-native crayfish such as the North American Signal crayfish.  Signal crayfish compete with our native crayfish for food and habitat, and spread a disease – known as crayfish plague – which is fatal to the White-clawed crayfish.

The Species Champions Project partners Members of Parliament from England with wildlife organisations to bring political support to the protection and promotion of threatened wildlife. Each MP becomes a ‘Species Champion’, adopting their own species.

Speaking about the White-clawed crayfish Jenny Chapman said:

“I was thrilled to become a Species Champion on World Environment Day. I am looking forward to learning more about the native white-clawed crayfish, our local population and Buglife’s conservation work.

There are many native species across the UK which are in danger of disappearing, so I am proud to join other MPs to champion and highlight the cause in Parliament. We are the guardians of our natural environment and it is our responsibility that it is passed on to the next generation in good health”.

Andrew Whitehouse, Countries Manager for Buglife said “Buglife thanks Jenny Chapman MP for agreeing to be a voice for the White-clawed crayfish in Parliament.  We look forward to working with Jenny to give this special species a brighter future.”