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Buglife Scotland has been protecting invertebrates and habitats for over ten years. Through our projects we have engaged with thousands of people from across Scotland to raise awareness of invertebrates and how we can help them.

Scotland supports a diverse variety of habitats from montane, to vegetated shingle, to grassland. These habitats are home to a number of unique species of invertebrate, many of which rely on Scotland as their stronghold in the UK and even globally. There are thought to be over 24,000 species of invertebrate in Scotland!

Buglife has been protecting invertebrates and their habitats in Scotland for over ten years and during this time we have achieved many successes, including:

Buglife have a very important job in protecting our invertebrates and we have achieved so much by working with partners. It is important that we all work together to protect Scotland’s invertebrates as they are incredibly important to our economy, providing us with a number of important and free ‘‘ecosystem services’’ that are often worth millions of pounds e.g. pollination and the creation of healthy soils. Many of these services are often overlooked until they are damaged or lost and they are usually impossible to replace.

Our projects in Scotland

Buglife delivers a variety of projects to ensure the long-term survival of invertebrates in Scotland. Our projects have created, enhanced and better managed grasslandspeat bogsbrownfield sites  and many other habitats for invertebrates in Scotland. Through our project work we have engaged with thousands of people via talks, workshops, bug walks, school visits and other events to raise awareness of the importance of invertebrates, the free services they provide and how we can all do our bit to help them.

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