Can you spare an hour to help save the Tansy beetle

Friday 12th February 2016

The Tansy beetle is to receive another boost in its conservation with a new area of habitat being created in Barlby, and the public are invited to come along and help out.  Buglife are working with Barlby and Osgodby Town Council to plant new patches of Tansy along the banks of the well known ponds in Barlby.  It is hoped that the rare Tansy beetle may move from its home on the banks of the river Ouse when the new plants becomes established. 

Sophie Badrick, Buglife’s Tansy Beetle Conservation Officer, said ‘This is an exciting new project and we hope to get lots of people involved in improving the habitat along the ponds.  If the beetles can make their way here then locals will have the chance to get close to this charismatic little creature in future.’

The Tansy beetle is a beautiful, shiny green beetle that feeds on the Tansy plant.  Although the plant is quite common along the banks of the Ouse, the beetles are not great flyers making it difficult for them to get to new areas as the patches of Tansy disappear.  As a result the beetles are now only found in a few small pockets which are prone to flooding, putting the insects at risk.

Council Manager Diane Dumbell said ‘Barlby and Osgodby Town Council is delighted and honoured to be part of this innovative project. It will give local residents the opportunity to take part in enhancing the habitat of this amazingly beautiful creature'.

There are two work days planned to start the project on Saturday 20 and Saturday 27 February from 10.30am until 12 noon.  Anyone wishing to come and help out should email Sophie for more information [email protected].