Breaking New Ground!

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Wildflower Urban Meadow Creation: 10:30am, 01st November, Goodwood Road, LE5 6EE 

The first Urban Buzz, buzzing hotspots will be created this Wednesday 01st November on Goodwood road, roadside verge. Parks machinery will on site to help start the process of creating a brand new wildflower area, rich in pollen and nectar for our bees, butterflies, moths and much, much more to enjoy. Leicester City Council Parks and Open Spaces team will be on site with machinery to cut, scarify and prepare the ground for an introduction of wildflowers, bringing vibrant colour to residents and motorists in the area. The wildflower seeding on key roadside verges is part of the Urban Buzz and Leicester City Council ‘Bee roads’ initiative where the objective is to add colour, vibrancy, and increased resources for wildlife, specifically pollinators!

Quote, Nick Packham, Urban Buzz Conservation Officer: “It’s exciting to be progressing with the ‘Bee Roads’ we hope this scheme will improve conditions for pollinators, giving them more access to food, but will additionally improve local residence open space as well as drivers daily commute by giving them lots of vibrant flowers to look at throughout spring and summer.

Steve Palethorpe, Parks and Open Spaces Operations Manager, said: "This is a great opportunity to build on what we’ve done at Glenhills Boulevard and other locations across the city, where we have succeeded in planting long swathes of wildflower plants that have been popular with residents and commuters alike.