New B-Lines educational resources available for primary schools

Thursday 23rd April 2015

As part of our B-Lines project we have several new downloads available for primary schools.

These new resources aim to teach about wildflowers and their pollination through the curriculum and will add to an existing suite of resources in our B-Lines school pack.

With our Plants and Pollinators sheet children can learn about the anatomy of wildflowers and bees and how this relates to pollination. The How do Plants attract Pollinators and Wildflower Bingo sheets encourage outdoor learning with activities such as wildflower spotting.

The B-Lines initiative is identifying and then aiming to develop a UK-wide network of wildflower-rich meadows and we are keen for schools to get involved. The Our School Grounds sheet provides advice on how to create a ‘Pollinator Improvement Plan’ for your school garden so you can make changes that will benefit pollinating insects and contribute to developing the B-Lines!

If you would like advice about how your school can get involved please email us at [email protected] or visit our B-Lines project page for further information