The National Bug Vote

Thursday 17th May 2018

Today Buglife have launched a national bug vote for the four home nations to choose a bug to grace the front of new Buglife membership leaflets. In each nation Buglife have produced a shortlist of four very different invertebrates from which to choose some rare and some less so. Voting will be open for 2 weeks closing at noon on 4 June.

England the choice is between: the Green shieldbug, Long-horned bee, Seven-spot ladybird and the Wart-biter bush-cricket

Northern Ireland the candidates are: Irish damselfly, Northern colletes, White clawed crayfish and the Zircon reed-beetle

Scotland the shortlist is: Freshwater pearl mussel, Green tiger beetle, Pine hoverfly and the Red mason bee

Wales is a selection from: the Ashy mining bee, Black oil beetle, Fen raft spider and the Hornet robberfly

Everyone is welcome to take part in the vote to choose the bug that will represent their nation on the next batch of Buglife leaflets