Pledge to help make Cardiff a bee-friendly city

Monday 24th May 2021

Today the Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff project is launching the new Urban Buzz Pollinator Pledge; a call for people to help pollinators in gardens and allotments across Cardiff by taking simple actions such as planting pollinator friendly flowers and leaving lawns to grow.

The partnership project between RSPB Cymru, Buglife Cymru and Cardiff Council aims to gain the Welsh Government’s Bee Friendly city status for Cardiff and has been improving the cities greenspaces for pollinators and people by creating areas of wildflower meadows in parks, planting pollinator friendly flowers in borders and allowing wildflowers to grow in roadside verges.

The reason for doing this is simple. Insect pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies need our help. There are not enough wildflowers in our towns and our countryside, but by increasing the amount of wildflower-rich green spaces in Cardiff, local pollinator populations can recover and thrive.

Hayley Herridge, Conservation Officer at Buglife Cymru said:

“This is a great opportunity for people to join in our mission to gain Bee Friendly city status for Cardiff. We can all do something for wildlife no matter how small our outdoors spaces. All our efforts combined will create networks of flowers and a city buzzing with life.”

The partnership is asking people to take the pledge and join the mission to help make Cardiff a city where bees and other pollinators can thrive. The pledge requires people to make four simple changes to give pollinators a helping hand.  There are plenty of actions to choose from the following four themes:

  1. Grow plants for pollinators
  2. Provide nesting habitat for pollinators
  3. Create a safe space for pollinators
  4. Join Cardiff’s Urban Buzz Community

Angela Munn, Project Manager, RSPB said:

“We can all make a difference on our doorsteps. Taking any of these simple pledges in our own homes and gardens will be hugely beneficial to pollinators, be it growing some flowers, leaving a lawn to grow, creating a bee hotel or stopping using pesticides.“

The Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff website provides lots of ideas and guidance, whether you have a window box, a small garden or a much larger space. There is something everyone can do, and your help really does make a difference. Sign up today at