Bozena Jankowska marks the launch of her debut LUXURY collection with a new ecommerce sustainable luxury platform

Friday 8th December 2017

Bozena Jankowska has launched her new ecommerce platform to mark the launch of her sustainable luxury debut collection.

‘This online platform is just the beginning for the label. I want to create a space where luxury fashion and sustainability are bought together to highlight inspiring stories about environmental and social issues that will make a difference to our lives’, says Bozena Jankowska the Founder and Creative Director behind the label.

To support the label’s stance on the importance of slow fashion and mindful consumption, each piece in the collection will be made to order in London, Stratford with an approximate lead time of 10-days, preventing excess wastage of unused fabrics and materials.


‘For me, sustainability in fashion means taking things slow, being considered with your purchasing decisions, buying carefully and consciously, with mindfulness – buying things that last’, says Bozena.


The new platform features Bozena’s debut womenswear capsule collection comprising fifteen distinctive pieces that are intended to carry the modern woman from day to night.  The focus is on a confident, yet classic femininity giving a modern twist to sophistication that effortlessly transitions between seasons.  Inspired by the bee, the ‘Ode to the Bee’ Season One collection shows off the use of rich fabrics, colours and silhouettes all of which subtly hark back to the world and diversity of the bee.


Sustainability is at the heart of the label.  Bozena’s debut collection is an expression of an appreciation for the role of bees in our world and all that they provide to us. Their wellbeing is intricately intertwined with ours and their success reflects how well we treat our environment.  The label’s partnership with the non-governmental organization Buglife will create a direct positive impact on their work with proceeds from every sale going to fund two bee friendly projects, Urban Buzz and B-Lines.  Bugslife’s Paul Hetherington, Director of Communications states, ‘The ethos of Bozena Jankowska the brand is sustainability, Buglife’s pollinator work is all about ensuring our food supply is sustainable and we are thrilled that monies generated through sales will be ploughed back into our B-Lines and Urban Buzz works. Every £1 raised can create 10m2 of wildflower rich habitat a service station enabling pollinators to traverse the UK, improving food yields and fertilising our wildflowers, the buzz of life.’