Bee killers in European court

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Buglife are involved in a two court cases in Europe over the next two days. In both cases Buglife are part of a European wide consortium of NGOs giving evidence in support of the European Commissions suspension of the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. Today Bayer backed by amongst others the NFU will be challenging to overturn this decision whilst tomorrow Syngenta enter the fray with a similar group of supporters.

Both chemical companies are seeking to end the suspension so that they can once more sell their products especially sprays arguing procedural maters against the European Commission who acted upon the then available scientific evidence.

Matt Shardlow, Buglife Chief Executive commented. “This case is not just about whether neonicotinoid seed treatments should be banned to save wild bees, if successful the pesticide companies could block the EC from taking future regulatory action to protect wild bees from pesticides.   This would have huge implications for wildlife and for crop pollination, worth over £18 billion a year in the EU.  If, as we hope, the EC wins then it will be a great boost for evidence based regulation and the precautionary principle.”

Buglife will be providing expert support on the effects of the neonics on our wild pollinators. The judge is not expected to make a ruling for around six months.