Bee Coalition welcomes new opportunities for bees with reshuffle

Wednesday 16th July 2014

Members of The Bee Coalition today appeal to the new Environment Secretary, Liz Truss MP to step up efforts to address pollinator issues.

On Tuesday 15th July, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that Liz Truss MP will take over as Environment Secretary after the sacking of Owen Paterson. Liz Truss, Conservative MP for South West Norfolk, has previously been active in bringing attention to inadequate flood defence systems following 2013/14 winter floodings.

The Bee Coalition appeals to the new Environment Secretary to move forward by basing decision making on scientific evidence, recognising the importance of Britain's bees and steps required to protect their valuable pollination services. The Bee Coalition awaits further developments in light of this re-shuffle, in hopes that this move could contribute positively towards the robustness of the National Pollinator Strategy, due to be released Autumn 2014.