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The breath-taking landscapes and habitats of Wales support a wide diversity and abundance of wildlife – from our miles and miles of coastline to the uplands of Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons, sea cliffs, sand dunes, heathlands, grasslands, woodlands, brownfield land and farmland together create a unique mosaic of habitats that support a diversity of invertebrates.

Find out more about the unique invertebrates you can find in Wales, current projects and surveys Buglife runs in the region and our involvement with the local organisations and government.

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Discover more about some of our current projects and work

Ardaloedd Infertebratau Pwysig (AIPs)

Mae Ardaloedd Infertebratau Pwysig (AIP) yn fannau sy’n gartref i boblogaethau o infertebratau sydd o bwys cenedlaethol neu ryngwladol a’u cynefinoedd

Important Invertebrate Areas (IIAs)

Important Invertebrate Areas (IIAs) are places that are home to nationally or internationally significant invertebrate populations and their habitats.

Latest news

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Upcoming event

Spiders, Earthworms and Beetles: The Impacts of Cover Crop Frost Tolerance with The Biological Recording Company

Wednesday 17th April, 2024

Dr Amelia Hood presents the results of a collaborative experiment looking at invertebrate-associated ecosystem benefits from cover crops. Cover crops…