Vote for Nature the Wildlife Proclamation

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Candidates for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections are being invited to show that they value nature by signing the Wildlife Proclamation.

The Wildlife Proclamation reads,
“Scotland’s wildlife, habitats and landscapes are of great importance. Investment in nature, in all its colour, variety and vitality, underpins Scotland’s cultural and economic future and resilience to climate change.
If elected I undertake to work to restore Scotland’s nature.”

Candidates who sign the Proclamation can support nature in a range of ways if elected as MSPs. They will, for example, be invited to become a Species Champion, visit their species in the wild, ask parliamentary questions, propose and support motions, and raise awareness of one particular species in parliament and the community.

Deborah Long, Head of Plantlife Scotland, said, “The next parliament will have a crucial role in ensuring that Scotland meets its biodiversity targets in 2020. At present, not enough is being done to protect our woodlands and uplands, peatlands, seas and other unique habitats of global importance from over-exploitation, pollution and climate change.Scottish Environment Link

“The Wildlife Proclamation ensures that each candidate is aware before they are elected of the value of our nature for our economy, our health, our welfare, and in its own right.”

Craig Macadam, Director of Buglife Scotland, said, “Everyone can play a role in ensuring that nature in our country is protected and cherished. It’s down to individual voters to make sure the candidates standing in their constituency and region know about the Wildlife Proclamation, and know why it’s important.

“The Wildlife Proclamation website has some great resources for raising its profile on social media, or organising a Nature Café hustings event to ask your candidates personally about their commitment to nature.”