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Toryglen's Buzzing

Plugs 'n' fun

A couple of days after the final adult volunteer session, it was the turn of the children to show us how to create meadows. On October 9th, Buglife and Urban Roots took 31 local schoolchildren and 3 parents down to the new meadow site to plant some wildflower plugs.

Wildflower plugs are small plants which are already established in pots/trays that have been grown from seed. They are planted out in this state during autumn or sprin


Meadow creation, the people power way

On the 7th October the volunteers of Urban Roots completed the preparation of the Toryglen meadow through grass clearance and seed sowing.

Using rakes, chromes, forks and wheelbarrows, we scarified and cleared as much of the grasses and topsoil that we could. This process opens up the space for the wildflower seed to germinate and establish. Furthermore, it takes some of the highly fertile organic matter off the site, which is something many of the wildflower species do not grow well in, as they have to compete wit


The creation continues

Thursday saw the second major piece of work carried out in our creation of the meadow at Toryglen. I went along with nine members of the Urban Roots volunteer group and we really got stuck in to converting the thick coarse grasses present on site, to the start of a wildflower rich meadow.

There are a number of things you need to do to get the best possible results out of meadow creation. Firstly, in the places where you are hoping to establish new wildflowers, you need to remove as much of the coarse grass vegetation as possible, to open up the ground and gi


Meadow Creation underway...

Last Thursday we started on the creation of the Toryglen Marvellous Meadow and we made some great progress.

Throughout the day eight Urban Roots volunteers combined forces to start preparing the site in order to have it ready for sowing native wildflower seed. We carried out a number of important tasks. Firstly, we carried out a litter pick on the site which went on periodically throughout the day. The spoils of which were piled up to await collection from the council.

Next, we pulled out the Creeping Thistle, Roseb


Toryglen's Buzzing begins...

In August, Buglife was awarded a CSV Action Earth Grant to create a stunning native wildflower meadow in Toryglen, Glasgow. The 'Toryglen's Buzzing' project aims to bring local residents and volunteers together in a series of outdoor sessions to transform a patch of species-poor grassland into a rich meadow containing native wildflowers and a range of grass species that will support numerous bug species.

Toryglen is a district in south-east Glasgow situa


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