Whitleigh’s Buzzing

Monday 7th April 2014

Whitleigh has been a hive of activity lately. After site preparation of the meadow was completed by Plymouth City Council, Plymouth's Buzzing was joined on Tuesday 11 March by two local schools to make a start on planting all the plug plants. Teachers and 30 children from Shakespeare Primary School  spent an hour and a half planting around 500 wild flower plug plants. They worked from the bottom of the site up the slope and learnt about the importance of pollinators in the production of our food. After lunch we were joined by Brook Green Centre for Learning who carried on planting around the sides of the river of flowers. 

Our main community planting day took place on Saturday when we were joined by volunteers from Whitleigh timebank and local children who helped to complete the plug planting. The meadow will be a blaze of colour through out the summer and buzzing with life.

This is our last meadow creation for the moment, but we hope to have more soon.


Have you visited our other Buzzing meadows yet?