Torbay’s Buzzing Blog January 2017

Monday 6th February 2017

A lot has been happening with Torbay’s  Buzzing over the Autumn and Winter.

Wildflower meadow creation

Autumn is a great time to sow wildflower meadow areas, so I was very busy arranging for ground preparation at our sites (rotavation of existing grass areas) and then seeding them with wildflower seeds

At Stoodley Knowle, where wildflower areas were seeded in the Spring, the site was managed by the Friends of Stoodley Knowle who organised a   “Rake Off” event, where grass cuttings were removed from the area to reduce nutrient levels. Some more Yellow rattle seed was also sowed at the site, and some green hay was put on from Primley Meadow.  A  new interpretation board has been installed here.

The “Rake –Off” at Stoodley Knowle

A new wildflower area was created at St Marys Park, Brixham.  Here the meadow area was rotavated and volunteers sowed wildflower meadow mix.  Also at St Marys, I participated in the   “Purple4Polio” crocus planting day where the Rotary Club were raising awareness for Polio (Volunteers planted a total of 5000 bulbs )

Volunteers sowing wildflower seeds at St Marys Park, Brixham

In Cockington: Arboretum, some  meadow patches were created including a  heart-shaped meadow.

Primley Meadow in Paignton was enhanced the with 400 wildflower plug plants.  Also at Paignton wildflower meadow areas were created at St Michaels Field and Stanley Garden:

Trees for Bees.

Winter is the best time to plant trees as this is when they are dormant. So, I started to plant “Trees for Bees” in Torbay.  Ten traditional cider apple tree varieties have been planted at Torre Valley South, Torquay, with the help of Ali Marshall, the Head Gardener at Torre Abbey, and a team of her  volunteers.   We were also very lucky to have had the event opened by Councillor Ray  Hill, and to have some expert help from  Simon Akeroyd of the National Trust.  There are further plans to plant two hawthorns and two crab apples at Furzeham (Brixham); two wild cherries and one hawthorn in St Marys Park (Brixham) and  three hawthorns and a large tulip tree at Preston Gardens (Paignton).

Trees for bees being planted at Torre Valley South, Torquay.

Over the next few months I’ll be focussing on writing management plans, and putting up interpretation boards at our sites. I will be re-launching the pollinator survey in the Spring.  If you’d like to help me, please get in touch.