Walk Wild Toryglen

Monday 2nd March 2015

As Spring starts to take hold in Glasgow the Toryglen meadow project comes to an end, but something new is bursting forth from it like a phoenix from the flame!

In February, we recieved news that funding for £4,000 has been donated by ‘Grow Wild UK’ to support the expansion of the wildflower meadow network at Toryglen’s stunning community woodland: Malls Mire.

In 2014, the local community, with support from Buglife, Urban Roots, and TCV, created a native wildflower meadow at a site overlooked by flats in Toryglen. In the coming years this will provide enjoyment for both the people who live in and visit Toryglen, and the myriad of amazing pollinators that inhabit the area. Now, Grow Wild have supported us to take this small meadow achievement woodland wide through the project: ‘Walk Wild Toryglen’. Buglife used their expertise and understanding of pollinators to create this project, and the reigns will now be handed over to the fantastic environmental charity Urban Roots to make it happen.

So, may 2015 bring many more wonderful pollinators, beasties, and wildflowers to Toryglen! As a taster, you should keep you eye out for activities as diverse as:

– A day with grazing sheep at the community woodland meadow, giving local children a taste of how some meadows are managed in the countryside

– Bug walks for the community led by Buglife experts

– Artwork created by local a youth group that relates to their urban greenspace and its wildflowers

– A celebration event to open a ‘woodland wildflower trail’ at Toryglen’s community woodland

More information and exciting news will be up and running soon on the Urban Roots webpage. Why not check back with them on the web, or send them an email or join them on facebook or twitter to see how you can get involved in creating, learning about, and enjoying woodland meadows in Glasgow?!