Plymouth’s Buzzing 13/12/2012

Monday 25th March 2013

More meadows sown

Yesterday saw our partners at Plymouth City Council Street Scene Services take full advantage of the good weather to sow this year’s new meadow sites with around 20kg of wildflower seed. The seeding will create over 1.75 hectares of new wildlife meadow in Plymouth. We were starting to worry that the weather was going to stop us from getting the seed in this side of winter but a break between the freeze, the floods, the freeze and the next downpour have allowed us to succeed. Well Done Guys!

The sites sown are at Central Park, opposite the Family Tree site and in Stonehouse Park, below Devonport High School for Boys and around the Community Orchard.

At one point we were thinking we might have to change what we were sowing and create a rice paddy instead!