Northern Dune Tiger Beetles – Natural Kingdom: Wild Walls

Wednesday 14th July 2021

By Monica Kaur Bhatia and Bred Beckett read  the full blog here

Natural Kingdom: Wild Walls are a series of wildlife and nature murals in cities and towns across the UK. These murals represent our collective concern about the loss of wildlife and climate change in the UK, and internationally. Working with communities, young people, partners, and artists up and down the country we will be highlighting the importance of nature, especially for fighting climate change. The murals will be created between now and the end of September and will be accompanied by lots of political and community activity in the run up to COP26 .

Find me here: Grafton Street, Toxteth, Liverpool L8 5XJ

How are we helping, and how you can too.

Northern Dune Tiger Beetles and Sand Dunes are at risk in our changing climate and through changes in land use. To help, you can:

  • Visit the mural, take a picture, draw it, post it online and celebrate its beauty!
  • Get in touch with your local MP or councillor, write them a letter, and tell them why protecting and restoring nature is so important! We can help you get started here
  • Support organisations like Buglife and Dynamic Dunescapes – get in touch with them, tell them about the mural, why you care, and let’s fight together!
  • Learn more about our friend the Northern Dune Tiger Beetle here.
  • Paint/Draw/Write about your own experiences with the species and @ukyouth4nature on socials