Plymouth’s Buzzing 31/07/2013

Monday 5th August 2013

Loving a Buzzing Park in Love Parks Week

Volunteers Beth, Anthony and Stuart joined Rupert and Chris in Central Park Meadow for a Love Parks Week Plymouth’s Buzzing Bug Hunt. Around 16 adults and 42 children joined us to investigate what has moved in to one of Plymouth’s newest meadows. The following bugs were found


Soldier beetle

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

Meadow Lace Bug

Meadow Flower Bug

Cabbage White


Meadow Brown

Green-veined White

Common Blue

Comb footed spider

Harvestman spider

Orb spider

We had some great feedback from our bug hunters:

‘It’s lovely to see things like this happening in the park’

‘This is great, we saw it in the paper and my daughter is studying habitats at school so we thought we’d come along and get a head start’

Sophia (aged 10) –  "I liked it because they got beautiful bugs and Jason liked the butterfly as well"

Jason (aged 6) – "I liked catching bugs"