Bug Hunt with Learning Resources

Wednesday 6th May 2020

We’ve teamed up with Learning Resources, experts in educational toys that make learning fun, who have created a fantastic Kid’s Guide to Growing Fruit and Vegetables. The colourful graphic has simple instructions to help children get in the garden with their parents and grow their own fruit and vegetables.

The part we were most intrigued by was the section about garden guests, which gives a lovely introduction to some of the critters that may visit a vegetable patch. Due to the current global situation, there has never been a better time to get outside and learn about the positive effect insects have on our world and how they contribute to our food supply.

Bug hunts are an amazing way to explore the great outdoors, and as a parent, there’s a lot of joy to take away from children discovering the world, chatting about the insects they’ve found, what they are and what they do for the environment.

You’ll be surprised by how many questions a child will have once they see an insect up close. Where do they live? What do they eat? Do other animals eat them? A bug hunt opens up a whole new world for a child, so having toys that help clearly see bugs’ features will only develop this fascination.

Toys from Learning Resources, like the GeoSafari Jr. range, will encourage their inquisitive nature as they get to see insects, flowers, leaves or even fish and tadpoles up close. They allow children to see insects in much more detail, offering a route into the sciences, encouraging patience and instilling the importance of protecting or creating habitats for bugs.


To inspire children’s minds, we’re giving you the chance to win GeoSafari Jr. bundle, which includes:

GeoSafari Jr Explorer Scope
GeoSafari Jr Bugnoculars
GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope
GeoSafari Jr Bug Viewer Jar

To enter email your answer to the question below and don’t forget to follow Learning Resources on Instagram or Facebook.

When was Learning Resources established?

A) 1990
B) 1994
C) 1998

Email your answers to [email protected]. The competition will close on 5 June 2020 and the winner will be notified by email.

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