Spiders aren’t spooky

Thursday 27th October 2022

…guest blog gallery from Blipfoto members, pulled together by “blippers” Rebecca Cole & Richard Hunt-Smith

Blipfoto members, or ‘blippers’, choose to record a single photo from their day. Some of them experience arachnophobia and many of them talk about how photographing what they once saw as very ‘creepy crawlies’ has helped replace their fear with curiosity and admiration. A few have always loved spiders, some do say they will never chose to point their lens at one but others feel a compelling fascination even if they don’t yet feel the love!

With Halloween fast approaching, the much maligned arachnid is being presented in all its mock gory-glory but we aim to show you a different side to the humble spider with this compilation of photos from blippers around the world.

With cuteness, character, charm and cunning, we hope these photos and anecdotes leave you marvelling at these creations of nature and perhaps with a touch of inspiration to take a slightly closer look next time – perhaps with your own camera.

It’s been great to share the personal experiences of “blippers” through their photography and words; we hope that you enjoy them too!  Thank you Blipfoto for allowing us to share.