Whitleigh is sown to bee buzzing!

Wednesday 5th March 2014

Yesterday, Plymouth’s Buzzing flew over to Whitleigh to see the start of our final meadow being sown. Staff from Plymouth City Council Street Scene Services were on hand with their shiny tractors to mow the site and sow our wildflower meadow mix. Once completed, our meadow creation total for Plymouth’s Buzzing will be over 5 hectares. Whitleigh meadow will be a blaze of colour in the summer and provide essential flower-rich habitat to help Plymouth’s bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. If you want to be part of creating a flower meadow, come and join us on Saturday 15 March from 11 AM to plant plug plants of wild flowers to enhance the meadow. We are working with local schools in the lead up to Saturday’s event and have over 1800 plants to plant. For more information, please contact Rupert Goddard on 01752 253087, [email protected] .