Vote now for Riverwoods projects across Scotland!

Monday 7th November 2022

Exciting news! Public voting is now OPEN for the wonderful Riverwoods ‘Investment Readiness’ Pioneers proposals!

Projects from across the country have signed up with Riverwoods ‘Investment Readiness’ Pioneers and now Riverwoods want to hear from you!

Riverwoods projects aim to support thriving riverbank woodlands, and thriving communities.  They want to hear from people of all ages and backgrounds from across Scotland; share your thoughts and ideas, & vote for us!

Projects that are shortlisted at this stage will access funding and support to put together a business plan, bringing our ideas closer to reality.

Vote for Buglife Scotland & “Saving the Upland Summer Mayfly”!

“The Upland Summer Mayfly is in trouble. It lives in rivers and streams in upland areas where it thrives in the cold water conditions found there. But climate change is making these streams warmer. Freshwater invertebrates like the Upland Summer Mayfly are the most threatened by these changes. They are being pushed further and further up in to the hills, in to increasingly smaller, isolated areas. The Upland Summer Mayfly (Ameletus inopinatus) has already disappeared from lower altitudes in some areas – if we don’t act now we could lose it completely.”

Anyone is able to vote, so long as they have an email address that they are able to use to sign up to CONSUL (the Riverwoods voting platform). Everyone who signs up will get to use up to 3 votes on the proposals that they like the most.

Voting closes on the 30 November 2022 so make sure you cast your vote and show your support for some fantastic projects!

How can I vote?

Vote for Buglife Scotland & “Saving the Upland Summer Mayfly”!