A Week in the Life of a Buglife Intern

Tuesday 21st September 2021

My name is Kaitlyn Elverson and I’m the Conservation Assistant for the Severn B-Lines Project, which marks my first step into the conservation world. Since starting in March 2021, it’s been a whirlwind of experiences and opportunities, running all over Shropshire to the aid of pollinators in need! So, I thought I’d break down what a week in my life looks like as the Severn B-Lines Intern.

Monday: Wake up, grab the all-important cup of tea, and check emails. Clean out the inbox, then catch up with my Project Officer, Kate Jones, who will create my to do list and break down the week. Spend the rest of the day planning for community events, school sessions, webinars and newsletters and prepare for the week’s busy schedule.

Tuesday: Conduct research for my Myth, Mystery and Folklore Webinar and put the finishing touches on my presentation. Team meeting at 2pm, where I catch up with the rest of my colleagues at Buglife all over the country.

Wednesday: Run a community seed sowing day at one of our project sites, helping to create a beautiful wildflower meadow that benefits people and pollinators alike.

Thursday: Work alongside volunteers to help strew Green Hay across another project site, catch up on emails and in the evening host my Folklore webinar!

Friday: Head to a local school and run a pollinator-themed activity session, spreading the B-Lines message, making seed bombs and bee hotels and teaching children about why pollinators are so important.

I’m certainly not bored as the B-Lines Intern! I love helping wildlife in varied ways, but especially being able to work with children and inspire them to help pollinators using the beautiful world around them. I’m excited to see where Severn B-Lines will take me next!

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