The Beddau Beast

Fast Facts

Latin name: Cranogona dalensi

Notable feature: A tiny off-white millipede.

Conservation Status: Not Evaluated

Where in the UK: The only known site in the UK is at Cwm Tips, an old colliery spoil site of coal mining waste in Beddau, South Wales.

The Beddau Beast (Cranogona dalensi) © Liam Olds

This tiny, off-white millipede, native to the Pyrenees, is less than 6mm long and has seven or eight lenses in its eyes.

It’s unknown whether the Beddau Beast (Cranogona dalensi ) is native to the UK. It could be a possible introduction that is otherwise seemingly known only from the Pyrenees in Southern France. However, it hasn’t been recorded there since the 70’s.

  • Size: 6mm long
  • Life span: Not known but more commonly found during winter months.
  • Diet: Believed to feed on algae that it grazes from deadwood.
  • Reproduction: Reproduction and lifespan are unknown as it is such a rare species.
  • When to see: Winter, hiding under rocks and deadwood logs.
  • Population Trend: Recently discovered in the UK on only one coal spoil site in South Wales.
  • Threats:  Mainly habitat loss due to development threats.
  • Fun Fact:  The Beddau Beast was named after the mining village (Beddau) in which it was discovered on the colliery spoil site of the former Cwm Colliery. Beddau which means ‘Graves’ in Welsh is thought to be named after the hanging tree and graves that were thought to exist on the cross roads in the village.

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