Using IIA Maps and Profiles

From the summit towards Yr Eifl mountains on the Llŷn Peninsula © alh1 (Flickr, CC)

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Important Invertebrate Areas (IIAs) are the best places in Great Britain for our invertebrates, which have been identified using the most up-to-date data available from over 80 national expert recording schemes. They support some of our rarest and most threatened species, vulnerable habitats and unique assemblages of invertebrates.


Using IIA Maps and Profiles

The IIA maps show the network of sites that support its qualifying species. The networks of IIA sites are mapped based on the presence of verified and post-1990 records of IIA qualifying species and the judgement of local experts to tease out the areas of habitat that support them.  

The IIA maps do not show individual species records as the data comes from multiple sources and involve different permissions. It is also important that whenever decisions are made for invertebrates, they are made based on the most current data available, where necessary with a data request to the relevant Local Environmental Records Centre. Individual records are of course only part of the story- we need to improve the management of all of the identified habitats within the IIA networks to really deliver for invertebrates. 

To be best interpreted, they should be viewed alongside the freely available IIA profiles. These profiles describe the important habitats and features supporting invertebrates within each IIA. They also identify some key species to consider and assemblages of invertebrates that area associated with specific habitat features. The information within the profiles on threats and opportunities can be used to inform management and decisions in habitats within the mapped IIA area.  

Some of our IIAs have been mapped but don’t yet have a profile to support them- please bear with us while we undertake this significant task and keep checking back to see when new profiles have been added. 

IIA South Devon Coast Profile