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Marbled White (Melanargia galathea) © Lucia Chmurova

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Important Invertebrate Areas (IIAs) are the best places in Great Britain for our invertebrates, which have been identified using the most up-to-date data available from over 80 national expert recording schemes. They support some of our rarest and most threatened species, vulnerable habitats and unique assemblages of invertebrates.

The IIA project would not be possible without the expert knowledge, dedication and guidance of the recording community

The following organisations have either provided data to help inform the broad-scale IIA map or helped to design the methodology as part of the project expert group: 

Acari Recording SchemeGround Beetle Recording Scheme
Aquatic Heteroptera Recording SchemeHypogean Crustacea Recording Scheme
Atomariinae Recording SchemeIncurvarioidea Recording Scheme
Auchenorrhyncha Recording SchemeLacewings and Allies Recording Scheme
Balfour-Browne ClubLadybird Recording Scheme
Barkfly Recording SchemeLeaf-mining Moth Recording Scheme
Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording SocietyLonghorn Beetles Recording Scheme
British Arachnological Society: Opiliones Recording SchemeMosquito Recording Scheme
British Arachnological Society: Pseudoscorpion Recorders’ GroupNational Agromyzidae Recording Scheme
British Arachnological Society: Spider Recording SchemeNational Moth Recording Scheme
British Dragonfly SocietyNatural England
British Myriapod and Isopod Group: Centipede Recording SchemeNatural Resources Wales
British Myriapod and Isopod Group: Millipede Recording SchemeOestridae Recording Scheme
Bruchidae & Chrysomelidae Recording SchemeOrthoptera Recording Scheme
Bumblebee Conservation TrustParasitic Wasps Recording Scheme
Butterfly ConservationPeople’s Trust for Endangered Species
Cladocera Interest GroupPlume Moth Recording Scheme
Clown Beetles Recording SchemePsylloidea Recording Scheme
Collembola Recording SchemeRiverfly Recording Schemes: Ephemeroptera
Conchological Society of Great Britain and IrelandRiverfly Recording Schemes: Plecoptera
Conchological Society of Great Britain and IrelandRiverfly Recording Schemes: Trichoptera
Crambidae & Pyralidae Recording SchemeRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds
Culicoides (biting midges) Recording SchemeScarabaeoidea Recording Scheme
Dermestidae Recording SchemeScirtidae Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Anthomyiidae Study GroupScolytidae Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Calliphoridae Recording SchemeScottish Natural Heritage
Dipterists Forum: Chironomidae Study GroupSilphidae Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Chloropid Study GroupSiphonaptera Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Conopidae, Lonchopteridae & Picture-winged Fly Recording SchemeSoldier Beetles, Jewel Beetles and Glow-worms Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Cranefly Recording SchemeSoldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Dixidae and Thaumaleidae Recording SchemeStaphylinidae Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Drosophilidae Recording SchemeStenini Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Empididae, Hybotidae & Dolichopodidae Recording SchemeSymphyta Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Fungus Gnat Recording SchemeTenebrionoidea Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Hoverfly Recording SchemeTerrestrial Flatworm Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Pipunculidae Study GroupTerrestrial Heteroptera Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Sciomyzidae Recording SchemeTick Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Sepsid Recording SchemeWeevil and Bark Beetle Recording Scheme
Dipterists Forum: Stilt and Stalk Fly Recording SchemeThe Essex Field Club
Dipterists Forum: Tachinidae Recording SchemeThe National Biodiversity Network
Dipterists Forum: Tephritidae Recording SchemeThe Biological Records Centre
Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Freshwater Flatworm Recording Scheme
Gelechiid Recording Scheme

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