Action on Dartford Local Plan

Swanscombe Marshes (c) Daniel Greenwood

Dartford Borough Council has amended their Local Plan, which commits to protecting the Swanscombe Peninsula Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) where it is within their power. This is an important step in recognising the important contribution that Swanscombe Marshes makes to our national wildlife and the local community.

The Dartford Local Plan consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday 27th October and late submissions will not be accepted. To submit a response takes just 5 minutes, and submissions can be made from anyone- you don’t have to live in the local area.

To submit a response, please visit the Dartford Borough Council Local Plan consultation website. Form here you will have the option of selecting to complete an interactive online form. Simply follow the steps below and either submit by clicking the ‘Submit Form’ box at the bottom of the short form, or by emailing it to [email protected].

To complete the interactive online form:

  • For Part 1, simply fill out your personal information
  • For Part 2:
    • Please leave the organisation blank as the submission is your own.
    • Question 1: Enter ‘E1’ into the box for Policy.
    • Question 2: Do you consider the Local Plan is (1) Legally compliant, (2) Sound, and (3) Complies with the duty to co-operate? Select Yes for all
    • Question 3: This is where you can make a clear statement supporting the Swanscombe Peninsula being protected. Please make your response personalised, but key points could include
      • Thanking the council for committing to protect the wildlife and Swanscombe Peninsula.
      • Highlighting the importance of protecting important wildlife sites like Swanscombe Peninsula during a biodiversity crisis.
      • Emphasising that local communities need green spaces such as the Swanscombe Peninsula for happy and healthy communities.
      • Dartford Borough Council is taking the important step of highlighting that Sites of Special Scientific Interest must be protected.
    • Question 4: Please leave blank
    • Question 5: Please select “No, I do not wish to participate in hearing session(s)” unless you intend to engage with the consultation process further
    • Question 6: Please leave blank
  • For Part 3, simply sign the declaration and submit by either clicking ‘Submit Form’ or emailing the downloaded completed form to [email protected].
Attulus distinguendus (c) Roman Willi

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