Big-up small animals

No Insectinction – how to solve the insect declines crisis

Friendlier relationships with insects

Big-up small animals

Although insects and other invertebrates are essential for our survival, and over 99% of species are beneficial, people often first think of harmful or unloved species. While attitudes are changing – in particularly with regard to bees – insects still have an image problem that must be addressed.

It is still the case that huge vested interests make massive profits by killing insects. This can have direct impacts on wildlife, but the PR produced by these industries also serves to taint our attitude towards small animals and encourage prejudice. Newspapers also find that scary stories about small animals sell papers and website visits and they are willing to produce stories that ignore science, evidence and the bigger environmental picture to exploit the fears of individuals.

Collective understanding of the harm caused by habitat loss and damage, light pollution, pesticides, invasive species and other factors will be key to securing behaviour change and support for measures that may have financial and societal implications.

Attitudes can change and raising awareness of the wonder, beauty and essential roles of invertebrates will develop greater tolerance and respect for insects and other invertebrates.

We can stop, and reverse the global declines in our insects, but only if everyone pulls together to do their bit.

Small steps can have a huge impact if they all fall at the same time Five things you can do to reverse insect declines

What has to happen?

  • People’s awareness, knowledge and appreciation of invertebrates must be improved to counter the negative preconceptions.
  • The transformation in attitudes and willingness to act that has happened with bees must be spread to other groups of insects and invertebrates

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