Safe spaces for insects

No Insectinction – how to solve the insect declines crisis

Safe spaces for insects

Having enough space is not enough to reverse the decline in insects if those spaces are poisoned by chemicals, or other pollution, emitted by humans, or are being invaded by environmentally harmful species that we have irresponsibly or carelessly introduced into their habitats.

Freeing our land and waters from pollutants and invasive species that are driving widespread declines in biodiversity is the second priority of ’No Insectinction’.

Safe from harmful chemicals

Safe from the effects of climate change

Safe from light pollution and other radiation

Safe from invasive species

We can stop, and reverse the global declines in our insects, but only if everyone pulls together to do their bit.

Small steps can have a huge impact if they all fall at the same time Five things you can do to reverse insect declines

Sphecodes gibbus (c) Steven Falk

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