Falkirk’s Pollinator Way

Falkirk’s Pollinator Way is an exciting new project that with the help of schools and communities has transformed parks across Falkirk into colourful and diverse wildflower and grassland meadows.

This partnership project between Falkirk Council and Buglife has transformed regularly mown amenity grassland in parks across Falkirk into attractive and diverse wildflower and grassland meadows. These areas are providing vital forage and nesting habitat for pollinating insects including bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies. Additionally these areas are also benefiting other invertebrates, birds, small mammals and people to.

These enhanced wildlife areas have all been in public parks with large areas of amenity grassland that have previously been identified as opportunities within the John Muir Pollinator Way project. The selected parks include Camelon Public Park, Ash Park (in Banknock), Princes Park and Policy Bing in Hallglen and Summerford Park. The parks are close enough together within Falkirk to form a series of stepping stones which pollinators and other wildlife can use to move and mix between. These parks will be known as ‘Pollinator Parks’ and have been transformed by sowing a native and diverse seed mix, planting native wildflower plug plants and bulbs, leaving grassland uncut and managing the parks appropriately for wildlife.

Primary schools and High schools local to the selected parks were invited to help with the creation of these new meadows. This was a fantastic opportunity for schools to learn about the role that their local greenspace plays in supporting pollinating insects and to improve their local area for the use of outdoor learning. As well as creating habitat, the schools will learn about the pollinators and other wildlife using their area and how they can help monitor these areas. Additionally, this project has encouraged schools to take local ownership of the parks to ensure long-term use of the area for outdoor education and monitoring of the pollinators using the meadows created through this project.

This project was funded by Avondale Environmental, part of the NPL Group through the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund, Scottish Natural Heritage, and Falkirk Council.

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